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    Recently there has been a greater demand for broadcast HDTV production and the requirement for accuracy in focusing has risen in response to this demand. Canon has been and continues to be a pioneer in the design of broadcast lens and meets this demand with the introduction of a revolutionary HDTV Auto Focus System. For many years the market has been requesting this unique technology for HDTV production and the Auto Focus System has now been adapted into several of Canon’s DIGISUPER HDTV zoom lenses. Canon has implemented Auto Focusing into the DIGISUPER 86 xs which is already known for its optical performance and ease of operation due to its optical image stabilizer. This technology assists professional camera operators in concentrating on the action/ beauty shots while maintaining the images in focus. Canon’s advanced Auto Focusing for the DIGISUPER HDTV Zoom Lens employs the TTL-Secondary Image Registration Phase-detection system, originally developed for single-lens reflex still cameras, in order to pursue both high accuracy and a high tracking capability for broadcast HDTV.

    Main Features of Canon's Auto Focus Function

    • Extremely high focusing accuracy in full HDTV specifications
    • Ability to focus from a completely de-focused status without hunting
    • Ability to focus on a high speed moving object
    • Size and position of the AF frame (target area) in the camera

    VF can be changed from the Focus Demand FDJ-P31/P41. (The size of the AF Frame can be changed in 3 steps)
    *Please confirm the AF camera-lens interface with your camera manufacturer of choice

    • Two operation modes (Full Time AF / Part Time AF) of the Auto Focus system is the answer to a professional camera operator’s various demands.

    See our FAQ page for more information regarding Canon's outstanding Auto Focus Technology

    Other Features