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    DIGISUPER 60 xs

    Recognizing the rapid pace of advancement of HDTV program origination and the current importance of sports, entertainment, and major events to the continuing growth of HDTV, Canon is broadening its family of long HDTV field lenses.
    A new DIGISUPER 60 xs lens is being added to the to the present diverse lineup of Canon HDTV field lenses which include the DIGISUPER 100 xs, 86II xs, 86II TELE xs, 75 xs and the 72 xs.
    This is a new generation design with excellent optical performance within a smaller package (it is 44mm shorter than thecurrent 72x field lens).
    This particular 60x zoom range will significantly strengthen the total Canon lineup of field lenses by more optimally encompassing an extensive range of applications within smaller venues, ballrooms, and large studios.
    This more limited zoom range does not require the built-in image stabilization system (which is a hallmark Canon technology in the 75x, 86x, and the 100x Canon lenses) and this contributes to the lower cost of this new lens.

    HD Optical Performance with 60x Zoom Ratio and 9mm Wide Angle

    The DIGISUPER 60 xs is an extraordinary field lens that utilizes Canon's new optical design concept "POWER OPTICAL SYSTEM" and "X-Element".
    By adopting this new technology and necessary optical performance for HDTV, with increased zoom ratio of 60x,improved wide angle of 9mm while still maintaining the size equivalent to that of current SDTV lenss.

    Latest Generation Digital Servo System

    A remarkable feature of the DIGISUPER 60 xs is the "Digital servo system". Digital control technology has been improved by having a more precise control of lens groups, a personalized lens control and the ability to interface with other digital devices.
    Digital technology has experienced an evolution therefore today Canon offers the most advanced DIGISUPER lens series with the newly developed zoom/focus demands.


    The zooming effect of focus is the phenomenon where the picture size (angle of view) changes when focusing. However, a CPU calculates and controls the zoom when focusing in order to counteract this phenomenon. Thus the DIGISUPER series has ZERO zooming effect.

    Crossover Compatibility

    Available optionally is the dual aspect ratio switching system,"CROSSOVER", for switchable 16:9/4:3 cameras.