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    Main Features of Canon's Auto Focus Function

    • Extremely high focusing accuracy in full HDTV specifications
    • Ability to focus from a completely de-focused status without hunting
    • Ability to focus on a high speed moving object
    • Size and position of the AF frame (target area) in the camera

    VF can be changed from the Focus Demand FDJ-P31/P41. (The size of the AF Frame can be changed in 3 steps)
    *Please confirm the AF camera-lens interface with your camera manufacturer of choice

    • http://www.canon.com/bctv/img/red_w.gifTwo operation modes (Full Time AF / Part Time AF) of the Auto Focus system is the answer to a professional camera operator’s various demands.

    See our FAQ page for more information regarding Canon's outstanding Auto Focus Technology

    Other Features

    • High Definition Optical Performance.
    • X-Element & Power Optical System.
    • Improved Specifications.
    • CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)
    • Optional Remote Macro system (10mm from lens vertex)
    • Optional Wide Attachment (focal length 5.85mm at wide end)
    • Compatible with the Virtual Studio System