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    DIGISUPER 22 xs

    Corresponding to the world’s trend of using a portable camera in HD Studio Systems, Canon introduces a new concept for a Studio Lens. The DIGISUPER 22xs is a “Compact HD Studio lens” which was specifically designed to be used with a portable camera.

    By adopting technologies developed from Canon’s long history, the DIGISUPER 22xs is superior in both optical performance and ease of operation, compared with HD portable lenses as well as all previous SDTV Studio Box Type Lenses.

    Advanced Operation

    By adopting the "Encoder Device", the lens has been enabled to zoom from a very fast 0.5 sec to a very slow 3 min and at the same time, making the zoom, focus and iris control much more precise and repeatable. Also, the new encoder device enables the lens to be easily integrated into virtual studio applications.

    Diverse Functions

    The DIGISUPER 22 xs is equipped with an informational display, which will enable you to use diverse digital functions, easily and precisely.

    High Optical Performance

    The DIGISUPER 22 xs offers higher contrast and resolution compared with portable lenses and at the same time, reducing the Focus Breathing to a zero level.

    Small In Size, Light In Weight

    In order to realize the best capabilities from the camera/lens combination, the lens was specifically designed to be as small and light as possible.