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    HJ21ex7.5B IRSE A / IASE A

    The overall demand for HD production coupled with the growing diversity of production applications has called for an expansion in the range of HD lenses. The HJ21ex7.5B was specifically developed to support high-end HD production where minimization of focus breathing (unwanted alteration to angle of view that accompanies manipulation of the focus control), high imaging performance, extended focal range and a modestly wide angle constitute core production requirements for drama and documentary program origination. With the addition of the new digital drive unit the shooting versatility is further enhanced. The 7.5mm wide angle setting and the 21x zoom ratio offer a formidable operational combination for such high-end production work.
    (New drive is loaded with the lens that has ‘A’ at the end of its model name such as ‘IRSE A’, ‘IASE A’.)

    Main Features

    Specifically Designed for High-end HD Production

    Focus breathing and variations in picture performance with refocusing at different object distances have been traditional imaging challenges to high-end production calling for high picture quality. By adopting the novel 3-group inner focus system and setting a proper power for the front lens fixed group as well as the focus moving group, the HJ21ex7.5B succeeded in minimizing such unwanted phenomena to an exceedingly low level. Also the lens is designed to maintain high optical performance across the entire 16:9 image plane, especially at the telephoto side of the focal length.
    Within the standard BCTV lens lineups consisted of Wide, Standard and Telephoto lenses, the addition of the HJ21ex7.5B establishes its own important category supporting the special imaging requirements of the high-end HD production market.

    High Imaging Performance with Special Optical Elements and Exclusive Optical Layout

    With the goal of minimizing various aberrations in order to meet the imaging standards of high-end production, the HJ21ex7.5B adopts special optical elements that include the artificially re-crystallized “Fluorite” featuring extraordinary dispersion characteristics and the newly developed high index ultra low dispersion glass, “Hi-UD” glass. These lens elements are scientifically exploited by the design of an optical layout exclusive to this particular lens. The imaging achievement can be seen in its high optical specifications and extraordinary performance. Featuring a broad focal length range of 7.5mm to 158mm and a maximum relative aperture of F1.9, the lens maintains its high optical performance throughout the entire zoom range.

    New Ergonomic Drive Unit

    Besides the exceptional optical performance, another remarkable character of this new lens is it’s newly designed drive unit. With the goal of pursuing ease of operation, Canon has reached a new design based on human ergonomics, refined by a long term research and testing. Of course, all the advantages from the current e-HDxs Digital Drive Unit such as "Information Display for user customize setting", "Rotary Encoder for virtual studio integration and precise control" and "Enhanced Digital Functions" are inherited to the new drive unit.
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    Operational Accessories

    Full servo : SS-41-IASD / SS-41-D
    Semi servo: MS-210D