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    HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V

    Main Features 

    New Solution for "Stable" HD Image Production

    Preserving Full HDTV Optical Performance with incorporation of IS System
    The nature of high definition imagery is the sensitivity to a sudden lowering of image quality when the originating HD lens-camera system is subject to physical disturbances. Based upon long term operational studies and extensive research Canon has successfully developed a powerful real-time counter to the many forms of physical disturbances that can be encountered on location shooting.

    Powerful Image Stabilization for Various Environments

    Throughout the entire zoom range, the Vari-angle Prism image stabilizer technology provides real-time compensation for a wide range of disturbance frequencies to ensure a high level of HD image stabilization. These disturbances include lens-camera jolting associated with handheld and shoulder mounting by a camera operator who is in motion, vibrations when tripod mounted on an unstable platform or in windblown environments, to the higher vibration frequencies encountered when operating on vehicles, boats, and aircraft. See more information from our FAQ.

    Various Stabilizing Modes

    In order to optimize the image stabilization action for different shooting conditions, various stabilization modes are selectable. Combination of two modes from each category is available and each mode is simply set by changing the switches on the lens.

    Operational Accessories

    Full servo : SS-41-D
    Semi servo: MS-210D