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    KT17ex4.3B IRSE

    Main Features

    Excellent operational performance with 2x extender and ergonomic Digital Drive unit

    To meet the fl exible shooting needs of broadcast News and General HD production, it is desirable that the lens combine high optical performance with rich operational features. The KT17ex4.3BIRSE lens was designed to squarely meet these requirements. High attention to overall optical performance is allied with excellent optomechanical ruggedness, an ergonomic digital drive unit identical to that used in the highest-end Canon lenses, and the all-important 2x extender.

    Outstanding Optical Performance

    Canon mobilized the best in optical design and optical materials to produce a lens worthy of the best in contemporary 1/3-inch camera systems. Advanced optical and optomechanical design have produced a remarkably compact and lightweight lens. The KT17ex4.3B IRSE deploys large aspheric lens elements design to enhance corner resolution while tightly controlling comatic aberration and geometric distortion. A range of optical glass elements include the use of Fluorite and Hi-UD glasses identical to those used in the high-end HD lenses. Lens contrast is extended, flare and veiling glare reduced, chromatic aberration is lowered, center and corner resolution elevated – all combining to produce a significant enhancement to overall picture sharpness.

    Improved Operabilty and Reduced Operator Fatigue

    Besides the exceptional optical performance, another remarkable character of this new lens is it’s newly designed drive unit. With the goal of pursuing ease of operation, Canon has reached a new design based on human ergonomics, refined by a long term research and testing.
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    Operational Accessories

    Full servo : SS-41-D
    Semi servo: MS-210D